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Marshall Cameron, America’s most beloved senior newscaster, is in the early stages of Alzheimer’s. When he disappears from his exclusive retirement community, his daughter Darcy—member of a canine search and rescue team—is called out to find him. But she isn’t the only one looking for Marshall Cameron, whose past is more complex and disturbing than she ever imagined.


What if the world's leading social media site were a religious cult?

What if you signed up?

What if you couldn't quit?

It is the dawn of the Internet era. A Silicon Valley journalist falls to his death from the Golden Gate Bridge. And only his best friend suspects that it wasn't an accident. Ken Sheldon, writing as Michael Manley.

In the grand tradition of Bert and I, Mark Twain, and Lake Wobegon comes Welcome to Frost Heaves, a collection of semi-true tales, rumors and outright lies from “the most under-appreciated town in New Hampshire” as told by Fred Marple, the town’s unofficial spokesman. From town meeting to the town dump, Frost Heaves is every small New England town you’ve ever visited, and a few you probably don’t want to. Ken Sheldon, writing as Fred Marple.

Nicholas Herriman is failing geography. He’s a washout in gym class and the worst member of the chess team. In fact, he stands a good chance of being voted the Most Average Kid to Ever Attend Peabody School, until he stumbles on a trunk full of clothes that give him super powers. Unfortunately, most of the clothes are broken or came without instructions. Where did the trunk come from? Can Nick unravel its secrets without killing himself or getting creamed by his arch-enemy Harley Davison first? And who is the mysterious stranger following Nick around?

Strange things are happening at Peabody School and Nick Herriman thinks he knows why. Someone has stolen a powerful medallion and is using it to wreak havoc on the school. Can Nick recover the medallion from the thief before Peabody School is destroyed? Book 2 in the Losers League series continues the amazing adventures of Nick Herriman. Available at your local independent bookstore (click here for the one nearest you) and online at