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The Above-Average Adventures of Nicholas Herriman

Nicholas Herriman is failing geography. He’s a washout in gym class and the worst member of the chess team. In fact, he stands a good chance of being voted the Most Average Kid to Ever Attend Peabody School, until he stumbles on a trunk full of clothes that give him super powers. Unfortunately, most of the clothes are broken or came without instructions. Where did the trunk come from? Can Nick unravel its secrets without killing himself or getting creamed by his arch-enemy Harley Davison first? And who is the mysterious stranger following Nick around?

Book 1 in The Losers League Series.

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Nicholas Herriman and the Enchanter's Medallion


Strange things are happening at Peabody School and Nick Herriman thinks he knows why. Someone has stolen a powerful medallion and is using it to wreak havoc on the school. Can Nick recover the medallion from the thief before Peabody School is destroyed? Book 2 in the Losers League series continues the amazing adventures of Nick Herriman. Available at your local independent bookstore (click here for the one nearest you) and online at

Book 2 in The Losers League Series.

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Nicholas Herriman and the New Heroes League


Nick Herriman accidentally opened a gate to an inter-dimensional prison called the Crypt and an old enemy may have escaped. Now something is causing people and animals to go crazy. Meanwhile, Nick is getting threatening messages. Will he be able to whip his superhero team into shape in time to defeat the forces of evil?

Book 3, the conclusion of The Losers League Series.