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Ken's first recording for kids, with 13 songs for the young and young at heart, with such classics as Ice Cream Soup, Chicken in the Bathroom, Don't Make Me Eat Broccoli, If I Were a Dinosaur, Anna Banana, Bouncing Baby Boy, She's One Today, Cafeteria Food, Teddy Bear Rock, The Peanut Song, Who Makes the Flakes, Micah in the Middle, Old MacDonald Had a Zoo, and Go to Sleep Little One. Available at Amazon, iTunes, and others. "This is my kids' favorite!"

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A new collection for a new generation of kids, with such sure-fire hits as Talking to My Food, Mud Pie, Meltdown, Mary had a Dinosaur, I've Got An Itch For You, Oogie Schmoogie, Drama Queen, Elephant Lullaby, Nana Lamb, Caleb, Who Put the Kids in the Car?, Chocolate Chip Cookie, and Dee Dum. Available at Amazon, iTunes, and others.

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Ken Sheldon's Sing Along and Learn is a series of fun educational songs, published by Scholastic and used in schools across the country and around the world. Topics include math, science, history and more. Hundreds of thousands of copies have been sold, and you can order your own at the Scholastic website.

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